Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New e-mail service from Microsoft -

Just created a new mail id suman.b in Sadly, sumanb was already taken :-(
UI looks simple and clean, currently no ads. I am yet to tie up my Skype account and check other features.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NOC for Bike, Two Wheeler - Registration transfer

I got my bike transferred from Bangalore to Hyderabad. 
Here is the procedure. Hope this helps for someone who is interested to transfer their bike.

There are two options.
1.       Apply yourself using the following info. NOC application is free of cost. But takes 10-20 days for the NOC to get issued.
2.       Go thru an agent. Generally they charge 800 to 1500. You will get NOC in 2-3 days.

The steps are like this.
1.       If your vehicle is still in Bangalore, take it to RTO office. They might ask you to show your vehicle. If you have already got it to hyd, u might have to negotiate J with RTO officer
2.       Get NOC application form and make 3 copies.
3.       You need to do pencil print of your bike chassis number and engine number on each of the application.
4.       Duly fill the forms. (Find out whether your hyd residence comes under hyd or Rangareddy or Medak RTO. This is important when you pay road tax in AP)
5.       Make sure you have following papers.
a.       Driving license
b.      RC Book on applicant name
c.       Pollution check
d.      Insurance
File all the papers in a fancy file.

Go to Hyderabad RTO Office and submit your NOC request. They will verify the request and handover a form to get clearance from Police Commissioner Office. (1-2 hours).
2.       Go to Police Commissioner Office and get the form signed. (This ensures that there are no cases on your bike) (2-3 hours). Tell them you need it on the same day and you may have to negotiate J
3.       Submit the Police Clearance form back in RTO office. (1 hour)
4.       RTO will process your request and issue NOC.  (10-20 days)
 5.       You can use your vehicle for 6 months in hyd without paying road tax in AP.

In Hyderabad, collect all the documents mentioned below.
RC Book original
Pollution Check
NOC original
Address proof (Hyderabad) - SBI or nationalized bank statement, Rental agreement copy, ration card, passport, driving license.

6.     Submit the NOC and pay road tax in Hyd (or your regional) RTO office. The tax amount will be calculated and told to you by the clerk. You need a DD for the mentioned amount. There will be a shop near to RTO office who sells DDs for 20-50 rupees extra.
Follow this link to calculate the road tax for your vehicle.
While requesting for Registration change, along with all above documents Photograph of you with bike (the number plate has to be visible clearly) also needed. You can request for a new fancy number (I am not sure whether they charge extra)
Submit the documents. They will verify the documents and ask you to get confirmation from Bangalore RTO that the documents are correct. Visit the RTO office in the morning so that all the work will be done same day. The verification location will be told by RTO officer.
After the verification, submit all documents and collect a receipt that you are waiting for registration transfer.
It will take 45-60 days for the registration to get transferred.
7.       Request Bangalore RTO to return road tax since you paid road tax in AP. Do let me know if you get the refund :)

Note: It is strongly advised to sell your bike instead of transferring it to other location (because of the painful procedure), if you are not emotionally attached to your bike.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Disastrous trip.. Ananthagiri hills

Its been 8 months since I am in hyderabad and no jolly trip with friends. A friend called me on thursday, told about Anathagiri hills. As usual, I got excited hearing hills.. Good old Bangalore days rolled in my thoughts.. trekking.. biking 150km.. pleasant weather.. all together those were awesome trips. Thinking of one more awesome trip, without any hesitation, I said YES. Lets go...
I somehow convinced my roommate to come with me as a pillion rider. With all the plan, we started at 5:30AM. Thinking of trekking, I wore my 3/4 cotton pants and light weighted t-shirt, stylish Adidas cap and fasttrack goggles to look cool.
It was nice when we came out from my room. As soon as we reached BHEL circle it suddenly became colder, I think the temperature dropped by 5-7 degrees there. Wow, awesome it is. As soon as we reached patancheru, the temperature dropped by 3 more degrees. I started shivering due to my half covered legs and light t-shirt.
My friend told we have to take a turn at isnapur and go into the small roads instead of the highway. Hmm.. the roads are bit OK. Asking people at every junction, we reached Shankarapalli railway station. Here it became awfully cold and started literally shivering. An autowala told us the nearest and best route to Vikarabad is through tangadapally. Anantha giri is 10km from Vikarabad. My pillion rider started driving. He is an amateur driver and got a chance to speed up on empty roads. We were on 80kmph speed and a reached sharp turn. He applied the breaks but bike hardly came to 70kmph when we reached the turn. With lot of struggle, he tried to take the turn in that speed but lost control. He suddenly applied front disk breaks, the bike became unstable. All I remember is flying in the air and my friend was already on the groud, face up, watching me fly. The bike fell aside, my friend fell little distant from bike and I fell little further. Luckily, except small bruises, nothing happened to any of us (Even bike started in single kick). After thorough examination and confirmed nothing major happened, we smiled, laughed, laughed loud and I started driving :P
We reached Vikrabad by 8am. Felt little strange since there was no hill seen nearby. Proceeded towards ananthagiri hills. There is just a temple on the hill top. No trekking???? What the hell? I don't see any hill at all... There is a resort by APTDC on the other side of the hill. The security guard told us there is no trekking spot at ananthagiri hills. 80km journey became useless. We had breakfast at APTDC hotel and headed back to Hyderabad.
It became scorching hot after 10AM. Now I know the difference in bike trip at Bangalore and Hyderabad. We could see only 1 or 2 people at every 5 km distance. The roads were completely deserted and the heatwave didnt let us speed above 50kmph. Finally, with lot of regret and pain, we reached home by 12:30PM. When I see my face in mirror, I looked like a crow due to the heat, pollution.
Conclusion: There is no trekking at Ananthagiri hills. Only APTDC resort and a temple on the hill top. If you plan to go with family for a weekend get away, it might be good. Dont go for a bike trip in summer. (FYI, in hyd summer starts in Feb ends in September)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Phishing attacks on ICICI Accounts

I received the following mail from ICICI Bank LTD
the mail content is as below

The attachment is...

Be careful, do not open the links given in attachments. Contact customer care in case of any doubts.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Phishing Attacks - SBI

Today morning I received a mail from stating that I need to log-in into my account in order to resolve some error occurred with my account.
This is a
phishing attack.

The attachment has a link to log-in page.
The attachment looks like this.

The link takes you to a phishing site.

Observe that the site address is incorrect.
Correct site address is

The site is connected to server with normal connection, not a secured connection.

There is no encryption symbol at bottom footer.

So, be careful. Do not open the links given in mail.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Indian Railways - TDR - Ticket Deposit Receipt

If you missed your train or the train is cancelled or traveled without valid ID proof and charged by TTE, then there is a last hope to get a full refund of your ticket.

File a TDR from IRCTC site with in 30 days from the date of travel and there is a fair amount of chance that you get full refund with in 90 days from the day TDR is filed. I said fair amount of chance because, the TTE needs to note that the passenger had not traveled in case one missed their train.

The rules and procedure is given in IRCTC site. Here is the link TDR.
The also offers railway booking and note that for the tickets booked from Cleartrip one can file a TDR from Cleartrip only. Here is the page which provides a link for Cleartrip TDR.

I missed my train last week and just filed a TDR. I will update this post with my TDR Status and refund status.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ek Niranjan Title song, sung by a software engineer...

హైకు లేదు గిఫ్టు లేదు పండక్కి ఇచ్చే బోనస్ లేదు ఏక్ నిరంజన్..
లక్కు లేదు కిక్కు లేదు వేలకింటికి వెల్లే యోగం లేదు ఏక్ నిరంజన్...

జావా రదు నాకు jsp రాదు
డాట్ నెట్ రాదు నాకు సీ షార్ప్ రాదు
ప్రొగ్రామింగ్ రానె రాదు, అప్రెసియషన్ లేవులే,
ఆన్సైట్ చాన్సే లేదు, ప్రమోషన్ లేదులే.
సెర్చింగ్ లొ కింగ్ నే , నా లొకమే గూగులె ఏ..
వర్కున్న, లేకున్న నెనెప్పుడూ ఏ క్యాంటీన్లొ వుంటనే..

హైకు లేదు గిఫ్టు లేదు పండక్కి ఇచ్చే బోనస్ లేదు ఏక్ నిరంజన్..
లక్కు లేదు కిక్కు లేదు వేలకింటికి వెల్లే యోగం లేదు ఏక్ నిరంజన్...

కేర్ ఆఫ్ క్యాంటీన్, ప్రోడక్ట్ ఆఫ్ బెంచ్ ఆవారా డాట్ కాం.
ఏ దాం రో దాం టన్స్ ఆఫ్ కాఫీ మన కతె గా ప్రాబ్లం.
ఆరె ప్రాజెక్ట్ పేరే తెలియదే, నాకు చోడింగే రాదే
ఏ TL లేడు లేరు లే.. నా మేల్స్ ఏవో నావే... 

వచ్చావా చేసావా అని అడిగెదెవ్వడులే..
ఔటింగ్స్ పార్టీలు అని పిలిచేదెవ్వడులే..

సెర్చింగ్ లొ కింగ్ నే , నా లొకమే గూగులె ఏ..
వర్కున్న, లేకున్న నెనెప్పుడూ ఏ క్యాంటీన్లొ వుంటనే..

హెడ్ ఈస్ ఎకింగ్, అండ్ ఇట్స్ బ్రేకింగ్ కాలీ ఐతె అంతె,
దట్స్ ఓకే యార్ చల్తా హే, ఐ హావ్ ఎ సారిడన్..
ఓ పనికి మాలిన ప్రాజెక్ట్స్ కాల్స్ చేస్తాయి లే..
మన స్తయిలె మనమె రెజెక్ట్ చెస్తామే.

ఇవ్వాలో రేపో లా మన బతుకే వుందే..
తీసేస్తె ఇంకో కంపెనీ వుండనే వుందే...

సెర్చింగ్ లొ కింగ్ నే , నా లొకమే గూగులె ఏ..
వర్కున్న, లేకున్న నెనెప్పుడూ ఏ క్యాంటీన్లొ వుంటనే..

హైకు లేదు గిఫ్టు లేదు పండక్కి ఇచ్చే బోనస్ లేదు ఏక్ నిరంజన్..
లక్కు లేదు కిక్కు లేదు వేలకింటికి వెల్లే యోగం లేదు ఏక్ నిరంజన్...
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